You don't need to be a goatherd discover the pleasures of mountain hiking.

Every breath of air and every step becomes sheer pleasure in these glorious surroundings. The crystal clear mountain air soothes the lungs and the magical scenery along the hiking trails of every degree of difficulty bewitches the eyes. One thing is certain: when God created the hiking and trekking paradise around Bad Gastein, he was having a very good day!

You choose the level of challenge, we show you where and take you to the starting point. Your rucksack is full of goodies, and at least once a week our guide organises an excursion - mountain breakfast, find your rhythm, glean tips on nutrition and equipment, local knowledge, mountain etiquette, hiking maps.

Hikers discover their own true paradise here:
_ Guided rambles and mountain tours start right from the hotel:
_ Fit & Active Programme.
_ Great package offers.
_ Polar Pulsemeter watches.
_ Walking sticks.
_ Special prices from your mountain buddy.