It doesn't get any better!

You might be able to run or bike faster elsewhere, but guaranteed never in such fabulous scenery. Experienced running leaders and biking guides take you along stunning trails and off the beaten track, to places you have only dreamt of. Here, beads so sweat becometreasures and your soul can grow wings.

Mountain biking - right on your doorstep - get to know the variety of professional routes or easier panorama trails, conquet the mightiest peaks with coaching by Helmut, our marathon biker - at least once a week he caccompanies tours to the best spots. Route suggestions, training lan, nutrition tips, help for beginners, rucksack lunches provided.

_ Mountain biking in Gastein is a great dayout.
_ Family cycling day once a week.
_ Mountain bike tour for extremists once a week.
_ Biking routes start right outside the hotel.
_ Gastein cycling map.
_ Polar Pulsemeter watch for use during your stay.
_ Fit & Active Programme
_ Marathon tips & training plan
_ 4 Hobby mountain bikes at your disposal.